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The UK is a global leader in road marking and road surfacing technology. World-class companies such as Hitex International are constantly developing innovative new products and solutions and exporting them across the globe.

This website is for people interested in following the latest road marking industry news (pavement surfacing and pavement marking if you’re in the US!). We aim to bring you a round up of the latest news from across the sector.

Despite the UK being a leader in this super-competitive global market, bloopers do happen. So, we also bring you examples of  less than polished performance for some light relief.

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Latest stories

Turn left

Not sure where this roadmarking atrocity was committed (we saw it on Facebook). But it is quite special.

King’s School Macclesfield. Oops.

Here’s another case of staggering competence from Cheshire East Council. They managed to deliver outstanding value for money to Council Taxpayers by painting these beautiful ‘keep clear’ markings outside the Fence Avenue site of The King’s School in Macclesfield. The only problem is that …  the site was closed permanently a week earlier.

school roadmarking

Back to school for these road marking geniuses

Oh dear. Council workers in Wolverhampton painted 300 feet of really quite lovely road markings outside this school. Lots of “keep clear” and safety markings in abundance.  Sadly, it seems nobody bothered to look through the school gate. If they had done so, they might have noticed that the school buildings had been demolished some […]

Shameful – yellow road marking over dead cat

Take a look at this story reported in the Belfast Telegraph …‘Insensitive’ workers paint yellow road marking over dead cat. There’s just no excuse for that kind of lazy, crass and insensitive behaviour. P45s in order here, we think. Image (and the original story it seems) from Animal Help Net Kerry on Facebook.  

road marlking speed camera calibration

Inaccurate road markings mean cancelled speeding ticket

The Daily Mail reports on the case of  David Erasmus, 55, who’s speeding case was dismissed by Llanelli Magistrates. Mr. Erasmus presented evidence that the road markings used to calibrate the speed camera were the wrong distance apart. Read more here.