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school roadmarking

Oh dear. Council workers in Wolverhampton painted 300 feet of really quite lovely road markings outside this school. Lots of “keep clear” and safety markings in abundance.  Sadly, it seems nobody bothered to look through the school gate. If they had done so, they might have noticed that the school buildings had been demolished some time ago. It must have […]

Take a look at this story reported in the Belfast Telegraph …‘Insensitive’ workers paint yellow road marking over dead cat. There’s just no excuse for that kind of lazy, crass and insensitive behaviour. P45s in order here, we think. Image (and the original story it seems) from Animal Help Net Kerry on Facebook.  

road marlking speed camera calibration

The Daily Mail reports on the case of  David Erasmus, 55, who’s speeding case was dismissed by Llanelli Magistrates. Mr. Erasmus presented evidence that the road markings used to calibrate the speed camera were the wrong distance apart. Read more here.

The funny and the serious sides of road marking

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